Out of Town Patients

Planning Ahead:

If you are traveling to South Carolina for your hip evaluation and surgery, please allow us to help make your experience as smooth as possible. The idea of surgery can be a stressful experience – planning ahead can help. We have lists of hotels that are conveniently located near our affiliated facilities.


In order to best assist us in determining what hip imaging you have already had and if you will need further imaging, it is critical to obtain and send us any x-ray, MRI, or CT scan discs and reports well ahead of your visit. Call us to coordinate sending these.

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy:

Some patients that undergo surgery with us prefer to begin their post-surgical physiotherapy with our affiliated team of experienced therapists that have worked with numerous hip arthroscopy patients. If you wish to stay in Columbia for a part of your rehab, let our team know so that therapy appointments can be planned.

If you are planning to travel back home for your therapy, it is important to identify your therapist early and schedule appointments. For most hip arthroscopy surgeries, our patients have an initial appointment within 48 hours of surgery. We will provide you and your therapist with a post-surgical protocol. Our team is available to answer any questions you or your therapist may have.

Most importantly – let us know how we can help. Call our team with any questions about your evaluation, surgery, or recovery.

  • American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
  • The Arthroscopy Association of North America
  •  American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • International Society for Hip Arthroscopy