Post - Operative Instructions

During your early post-operative period Dr. Dumont will provide you with the appropriate medication and instructions needed for your recovery.  Specific instructions will be given to you and your family member prior to discharge.

Day of surgery

You will remain in the recovery room for one to two hours for monitoring after your surgery and then be discharged home (in the case of day surgery) or transferred to your hospital room.

Incision Care

There will be a sterile dressing over your surgical wound. Follow the specific instructions regarding your dressing care.  Most dressings can be changed after 48 hours. You may shower beginning the day after surgery but must keep your wound / bandages covered and completely clean and dry.


Your surgeon will prescribe pain medications to ensure your comfort after surgery. You may also be required to take medication to lower the risk of blood clot after surgery.  Patients undergoing hip arthroscopy will also receive a prescription of Naproxen that needs to be taken for 4 weeks to decrease the risk of heterotopic ossification (bone formation in the muscular tissues around the hip).

Physical therapy

Walking is important to your recovery and to lower the risk of adverse events after surgery and you are encouraged to walk the day of your surgery. In the case of lower extremity surgery, you must adhere to your weight bearing restrictions and crutch use.  For hip arthroscopy patients, a recumbent bike is often quite useful to begin early gentle motion of the hip after surgery.  Your physical therapist will teach you specific exercises to strengthen your new joint and restore its range of motion. You will also be advised on a home exercise program.

Follow Up

Dr. Dumont will see you for your first follow up appointment after surgery approximately 10-14 days after surgery.   Further follow up dates will be established at regular intervals after this.

If there are any queries or concerns, please call our office.  For medical emergencies, please call 911 or present to the Emergency Department for evaluation.

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