South Carolina Athletic Hip Injury Liaison

Our team is dedicated to assisting athletes in our region and beyond in healing their injuries, improving their symptoms, and returning to sports participation. If you are an athletic trainer, physical therapist, or team physician and one of your athletes has been struggling with a hip injury or hip pain, please contact us to discuss the injury and if needed schedule an appointment with Dr. Dumont.

If you are an athletic trainer, physical therapist, or team physician, please contact Nicole Battle. Nicole is an athletic trainer who serves in a clinical role on Dr. Dumont’s team and also acts as a liaison for athletes with hip injuries across the state and region. She can assist in establishing a consultation with Dr. Dumont. Alternately, your athlete can complete an appointment request form.

If you are an athletic trainer, physical therapist or team physician and have any questions related to an athlete with a hip injury and would like to speak with Dr. Dumont, please also contact Nicole Battle to arrange a time to speak or complete this form.

Imaging the Hip

If you are a referring physician and considering obtaining diagnostic imaging of the hip as part of your evaluation, our team recommends use of a three view series of plain radiographs including a well centered AP Pelvis view, a Dunn 45 degree lateral view, and a false profile view. MRIs without arthrogram provide good assessment of the hip joint and extra-articular structure when performed on a 3T (3 Tesla) MRI scanner. If you need assistance locating a facility that offers this, please contact us. Without a 3T MRI, an MRI arthrogram is sometimes necessary.

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